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Home Sweet Home

August 17, 2021
Estate Agent
Custom Filtering & Sorting

Home Sweet Home needed a brand new, modern and easy-to-use estate agent website to sell their vast properties across Eastbourne.


Home Sweet Home, an estate agent based in Eastbourne, approached us with a keen desire to have a new looking and easier to use website.

We decided to opt for a minimal layout and structure as the main focus of the website is to prompt users to search for a property of interest. With that in mind, we needed to strip back the process of searching and filtering for a particular property to match the users preferences. To do this we used, a filtering and sorting integration - perfect for the job. Now, users can search on the homepage of the site for a property name, location, address, post code and much more. Once a user has completed this step, they are taken to a property page where they can further their search parameters; filtering by price range, number of bedrooms and the property type.

Another key aspect of the user journey was the ability to come back to properties that were of interest, rather than having to remember what the property was and make a hopeful guess. This is where we added a Property Wishlist. Each property can be favourited which adds the property to said wishlist. This provided users a central location to see the properties that they may take action on - a valuable asset for both user and client.

Home Sweet Home now have the luxury of using the website's editor to upload, edit and amend their properties online which reflects live on the website in real-time. The easy-to-use CMS editor removes the time and hassle it takes to manually update each property that other website builders may punish you for.

The outcome of the project is something that both client and Fountain Digital are proud of.

We have recently undertaken the services of Fountain Digital to create an entirely new website for our business and also to take over the hosting of our website and all our emails...all of which they have done in an exceptionally friendly and helpful manner. Great service, good value, complete peace of mind for us and nothing is too much trouble. We look forward to them helping us for many years to come.

Stephen Davies
Home Sweet Home