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You imagine. We design. With limitless design options, Webflow is the design platform of the future.
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Bespoke Web Design

Webflow offers ultimate flexibility for both the design and user interaction. Our Webflow Designer will design your site from scratch, creating a unique site that perfectly reflects your vision.

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Pure Clean Code

Webflow uses clean, fast code. This means your site loads much faster and does not suffer from on-going issues caused by plug ins.

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Data Driven Content

Updating and adding to content is easy with Webflow. No complicated backend dashboard and the ability to edit your content live on your website.

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01. designing

No coding. Just visual designing. We are Webflow Designers!

Fountain Digital are Webflow Developers and Designers, building sites in this amazing platform for a huge range of companies! We build custom designed websites - each one unique to you!

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Live Visual Designer

Our Webflow Designers have the freedom to design knowing what the end product will look like - with just a click of a button.

We design the website right in front of us so we know what the site will look like when it goes live. There are no templates used with Fountain Digital, just unique, custom built sites, all designed from scratch.

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Real Time Editing

Forget updates. Our Web Designer (and you) can edit the website in real time. There's no need for refreshes or hour-long updates.

Our Webflow Designer and you, can easily edit and amend your website to evolve with your needs. No need to wait for updates (like on other platforms) that stop you from working for an hour or two. We (and you), can also edit the website knowing you have the freedom to update content without the worry of ruining the structure and design.

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Robust & Efficient

Endless possibilities. Your imagination is the limit. No, it really is.

Webflow, as a programme, is robust in that it can deliver the most common website needs and requirements (CMS Blog, Projects, News, Lead Generation, Portfolio etc.) It provides clean and fast code which means it is efficient for browsers and search engines. Also good for SEO as search engines love clean and easy to read code. Because of the above, your imagination is the limit with what our web designer can deliver using Webflow.


Interacting with your audience, without having to leave your seat.

Gone are the days of 'static' websites. Our Webflow Developers add interactions to make your website more eye-catching and enhance the user experience.

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Interactive Interface

Your website will include interactive elements which can move and react to actions taken on the site. Improving the user experience.

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Higher Engagement

Your site will have a much higher engagement with the addition of elements that react to customer interaction.

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Highlight Important Features

Highlight certain features within your web design, or a particular part of the website, encouraging a client to view that particular element or section.

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Guiding a Viewer

This element is similar to important features. With the use of interactions and animations, aiding the client’s journey through your website.

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Call to Actions

An eye-catching interaction can be added to any call to action (CTA) which naturally makes the option more obvious for the viewer.

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Just For Fun!

The inclusion of interactions and fun animations in our web design will make your site stand out from the crowd, and your competitors.


The power of the Content Management System

Easy to use Content Management System that allows you to publish content with the click of a button.


Blogging & News

Deliver brand new, up-to-date content to your viewers about your area of business. This can be easily implemented within the web design and kept up to date using Webflow's robust Content Management System. This is also great for SEO and website rankings.

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Projects & Showcases

Show off what you're all about to your clients and the rest of the world. Add images, videos, project details, whatever you wish. Your website is your portfolio, be proud of what you do and display your work through the CMS.

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Case Studies

Potential clients and businesses love to see how you have helped others. They also love to see statistics. Be one step above your competitors and show how you've made someone's business better using your skills.

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Dynamic Landing Pages

SEO loves Webflow. Webflow loves SEO. Utilise the Content Management System for your landing pages that target a certain area, product or service. With an upper limit of 10,000 CMS items, you can't get enough landing pages out there!

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Vacancies & Jobs

Advertise for those looking for work. The Content Management System is perfect for allowing a designer or user to auto-generate new vacancies and jobs whilst keeping in check with the style and layout of the rest of the website.

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Listen up you search engine rankers!

Webflow is the perfect platform for implementing a successful SEO strategy!

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Responsive Design

Design that is responsive is an important aspect of SEO, especially with Google's mobile first indexing. Luckily, Webflow was built for design that is responsive.

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CMS & Dynamic Content

The simple CMS (Content Management System) in Webflow allows multiple pages, blogs, or updates to be added easily with content rich pages.

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Meta Titles & Descriptions

A crucial aspect of SEO - meta titles and descriptions can be added to each individual page (even collection pages) with an image of how it will look on SERPS.

Sitemap Icon

Webflow allows for sitemaps to be automatically generated. So important for SEO as it shows Google how and where to crawl the site.

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Clean, Fast Code

Clean HTML and CSS equates to no plug-ins. Plug-ins break and affect the website continuously, massively slowing the site speed down which has a negative impact on SEO.

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Site Speed

Webflow hosted sites are hosted on Amazon’s CDN Tier 1 Network - the fastest on the planet for global websites. Fast load times are great for SEO.

SEO image
The importance of being found in search engines

SEO and Webflow

Gone are the days when a good looking website was enough to rank in the top positions in search engine results. To be found in search engines, like Google, you need a good SEO campaign implemented by an experienced SEO expert.

A website built within Webflow, combined with a great SEO campaign, already has a head start over other sites built in different web platforms. Dynamic landing pages, incredibly fast site speed, automatically generated sitemaps, and a clean HTML and CSS makes the perfect foundation for the implementation of a successful SEO campaign.

Our in-house team of SEO experts have experience working across a huge range of Webflow built sites - with impressive results to match!


Keeping your business online, safe and secure.

Hosted on the fastest network in the world! 

Incredibly fast, highly reliable hosting and security. No stress.

Hosted on Amazon CDN Tier 1 Network, with the best security features and an unbeatable 99.99% uptime!  

Powered by Amazon's CDN Tier 1 Network
99.99% Uptime & Security
Password Protection
SEO Management
Hosting image

Hosting on the fastest network in the world.

Webflow host on Amazon’s CDN Tier 1 Network which, as it stands, is the fastest on the planet for global websites. This ensures fast load times, low bounce rates and a higher efficiency when viewing a website on mobile data.

Hosting image

Day and night your site is up and running.

Reliable hosting ensures that there is 99.99% uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. An SSL Certificate is issued to every site hosted on Webflow, meaning that your site will remain secure and effective against scams and hackers for as long as it is hosted.

Webflow Designer image

Protect or hide certain pages or content from viewers.

Some parts of your website may be sensitive to certain viewers or for your eyes only. You can password protect pages or entire websites to ensure total control over security of data that shouldn’t be seen by unauthorised personnel.

Webflow Developer image

Easy ability to setup 301 redirects and customise an XML Sitemap.

Switching over to Webflow from an existing website? You may want to look at 301 redirects. This allows a user to redirect a newly created page to an old page that is already indexed on search engines. This means those who may have your website or pages saved, won’t visit the gruelling 404 error page. Instead they will be redirected to your brand-new page. You can activate a sitemap with Webflow which can be used in multiple analytics software’s, including Google Analytics. This is ideal for SEO and tracking your websites overall performance.

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Zero Maintenance

You probably can't quite believe it but there will be no more hours wasted waiting for an update to roll out, which will inevitably cause disruption or wreak complete havoc to your current design.

Hooray to no more updates!

Amplify your website by adding accepted integrations.

Make your website stand out with a range of versatile integrations.

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Live Filtering
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Social Media
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Email Marketing
app logo
Tag Manager
app logo
app logo
Live Chat
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Share Buttons
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Survey Monkey
Forms & Surveys
app logo
Cognito Forms
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Social Media
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Google Maps
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Payment Provider
+ many, many more.
07. Why Webflow?

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers!

Are Webflow sites SEO-friendly?

Yes! All content on Webflow sites are rendered on lightning fast servers and served through SSL, so your pages will be searchable and prioritised by Google. We also edit meta titles and descriptions to optimise each page. Webflow websites are powered by clean, semantic code that search engine indexing bots can easily parse, and that makes search engines happy.

Does it take a long time to create a site?

Webflow lets us finalize projects faster — without sacrificing quality. You’ll get initial designs in days, not weeks. And we’ll be able to implement your changes with ease, moving the final product closer to launch and decreasing time between approval and version iterations.

Does SSL come as standard, what about security?

We provide built-in SSL for all sites. For free. So you enjoy better SEO. And your site visitors never have to see those unnerving security warnings! There is also no need to manage or update risk-prone plugins, enhancing security and up-time!