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Ginger & Sanders

September 8, 2023
Custom Filtering & Sorting
Custom Interactions
Custom Code

Ginger & Sanders were looking for a new look, easy-to-use and modern website showcasing their property listings. So, we said 'hold our beer'.


Popular local estate agent, Ginger & Sanders, approached Fountain Digital in search for a new look and identity for their website. When building and designing a property website, it's paramount that user experience and user interfaces are at the forefront of the production process. It's why we stripped back any unnecessary elements and focused on the core requirements of a user who lands on Ginger & Sanders website; finding a dream home.

Although featured on the old website, we refined the search and filtering process to make it clearer and easier to understand for visitors. A main search now appears on the homepage which grants the ability to enter any keyword whether that be a post code, town, city or even the name of a particular building. However, that's not always enough for finding your perfect property, and so when landing on your search query page, you have the option to narrow your search further. Live faceted navigation has been built from the ground up to support a search effort. Filters now consist of Price Range, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms and Property Type; making the process far more granular for users.

But what happens when you find properties you like? Normally you'd either save the bookmark or save the URL of the page in your notes which inevitably gets lost. So, we integrated a favouriting system just like you'd see on Rightmove or Zoopla. Users can now favourite properties that will be added to their Favourites List for later viewing. Giving users this control increases their retention rate and likeliness to return to the site knowing they have properties saved.

Overall, both Ginger & Sanders and Fountain Digital are immensely happy with the end result and we hope the new site lives up to everyone's expectations and needs.

Happy hunting.