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Is hosting included in my monthly fee?

Yes, hosting charges are included in your monthly fee. This keeps the website up and running. Stop your monthly payment and the hosting stops.

Is any SEO included in the website packages?

As standard, Meta Titles & Descriptions are added to each page of your website before going live. Anything additional to these would require an SEO Package to be purchased.

Can you post on my Google Business listing?

Yes, we are able to post on Google Business for you under our Social Media Packages.

I already have a Facebook Business Page, can you manage this for me?

We certainly can! By taking out one of our Social Media Packages we will take control of your business page and concentrate on accelerating your brands awareness through Facebook. We can even begin targeting set audiences who may be interested in your services.

Please not that audience targeting is only available on our higher Social Media tiers.

Can I amend text and images on my website?

This is only available on our Business Pro website package. You will not be able to amend anything on your website if you are on the Startup or Business package. Alternatively, you can send in any amendments to us and we will action them for you.

How do I get to the top of Google?

There are hundreds of combined reasons and ways that will increase or decrease your rankings on Google. By taking out an SEO Package we can accurately assess the best way forward for your website regarding SEO. Whether that may be On Page Optimisation, Landing Page Creation or frequent Blogging. Our SEO department are highly skilled and experienced in increasing a businesses website on Google rankings. Take a look at our Umbrella Bookkeeping Case Study to see how we got them from page 3 to high page 1.

We cannot guarantee that you will appear highly on search results or at the very top.

What if I have a website that I do not wish to change but need help with SEO?

We can offer SEO on a consultancy basis if you would rather keep your existing website. Having said this, it is far more beneficial to allow us to redesign your website so we can tailor it towards SEO, therefore hopefully increasing your rankings organically.

What if I cancel my Direct Debit for my website?

Cancelling your Direct Debit without prior notice will result in your website being taken down. Your monthly fee keeps your website up and running, so cancelling this will cancel the website hosting.

What happens after the final month in my contract?

After your final month regardless of what contract you are on, you will be enrolled into a one month rolling contract. If you wish to terminate services during this rolling contract then we will still need one months notice from you.

What if I want to cancel?

We would hope that you would stay with us for as long as possible, but we understand that you may need to cancel a service(s). To do this, we would need one months notice prior to cancellation. This ensures that we have the time to correct your Direct Debit accounts so that no payments are taken after your cancellation month.

Do you supply GDPR paperwork for my website?

No, we do not provide nor support any documentation regarding GDPR. We can add the documents to your website but we will not generate or produce the documents for you. Please see here for a GDPR package that we have used in the past.

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