May 19, 2023

The Creative Force Awakens

This week we welcomed a student from a local school into our offices for a week of work experience at Fountain Digital.

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The Creative Force Awakens

A Week of Work Experience at FD

This week at Fountain Digital, we've been lucky enough to have an amazing work experience student from a local school in Eastbourne.

We knew that when he came in, that he was interested in creating videos and had experience creating videos for Instagram and TikTok. What we didn't know is that on his own merit, he'd already managed to gain millions of views on his own channels and that was just the tip of the iceberg for this young Padawan.

One of the first tasks he was given was to create a mock trailer for Star Wars, having been given some lessons in Adobe Premiere Pro. We were blown away with the results. Within a very short time, we were treated to a viewing of a very well thought out and put together trailer. Not only was it visually pleasing but the build of the story, score and voiceovers were perfectly meshed.

By the end of the week we had given him a full experience of a week at Fountain Digital. Spending time with all departments, from web design to video, marketing and even some IT.

We asked if he'd be kind enough to share the experience of his time at FD, so read on for more:

Why did you choose to come to Fountain Digital for your work experience?

I chose to work at Fountain Digital for my work experience because of the web design and video editing that they do here. I also like the team, as they are really up for hearing my thoughts on things and are very good at answering any questions I have when working on videos.

What were you hoping to get out of your work experience here?

I was hoping to get some experience within the area of work that I want to do when I am older. The team have really helped me get some experience as I have started to use an editing software called Adobe Premiere Pro, this has really improved my skills in video editing and trailer making.

How have you found your week so far at Fountain Digital?

I have loved every moment of it so far. I have improved in areas of my editing that needed a bit of a boost. Furthermore, I have always had something different to do every day. I have also used a software called Illustrator which helped me to design a logo for the trailer I finished on day 2 of working here.

What parts of the week have you enjoyed the most?

I have enjoyed getting to know the team more as they are really kind and helpful with things you want to know. Additionally, I have used new tools that I have never really used before but with the help of others I have caught onto a lot of things that could help me further on in life.

Has your time here helped you make a decision about your future career?

Ultimately, working here at Fountain Digital has definitely helped me get to know for definite where I would like to go in my career. Working at Fountain Digital has really opened up a lot of new opportunities for me as now I have better knowledge of video editing and creating cinematic trailers, etc.

Thanks again young trainee, proud of you we are, and a Jedi Master, you soon will be!

Check out the fantastic Star Wars trailer here!* Isn't it brilliant?

*This trailer is a non-profit unofficial concept and is not intended for commercial use. The Universe, characters, footage and all other intellectual properties are owned by Lucasfilm/Disney.