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October 4, 2023

The Benefits of Working With a Local Company

There are many invaluable reasons for working with a local business. Advantages include exceptional customer service & boosting the local economy. Read on.

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The Benefits of Working With a Local Company

The Benefits of Working With a Local Company

At Fountain Digital, we truly believe that working with local companies is essential to our mutual success. We may work internationally and with many large businesses, but we also love to work with local organisations. We offer benefits that many rivals cannot, because of that.

Why You Should Work with Local Businesses

When you work with a local company, you feed back into the local economy. We all know that when we buy a coffee from a large conglomerate, that it essentially goes into the pocket of the CEO, who as we know, often might not even be UK based. Whereas if you go to a local coffee shop, you might well be supporting a family run business, who will then feed money back into the local economy.

In fact, there are many great reasons to work with a local company:

They Support the Local Community and Local Causes

As a local business, it’s common to have a powerful sense of community and having more engagement in the local area. On average, it’s been shown that small businesses donate as much as 250% more to charities, than other organisations. At Fountain, we take a great deal of pride in supporting local charities and local businesses as a whole and are very much involved in our local area.

Exceptional Customer Service

By nature, local companies take the time to offer outstanding customer care because every single customer relationship is significant to us. That means that we will always go above and beyond for our customers and that includes providing consistent, dependable, high-quality services and ensuring that every interaction with us is a truly positive one. We take time to get to know every one of our customers and even go to extra efforts like providing a superb cup of coffee whenever you come in for a meeting with us (trust us, it’s worth doing business with Fountain Digital just because of our bean to cup coffee machine alone!).

They Give Our Community an Identity

Can you imagine your village, town or city without any locally based businesses? It would not have the same cultural identity or feel whatsoever! In Eastbourne we are lucky to have many local businesses including many companies that have been founded in our town and businesses that have a huge amount of respect for our local culture and heritage. This means that we have many organisations who directly support our thriving community and directly encourage the economy because more visitors, shoppers and service-users mean more business.

It's More Sustainable

Using a local business often reduces extensive transportation that many larger businesses need to run. They buy and sell locally so less pollution is created. It also means less resources are used, which is something we all need to be thinking about in our current climate.

We love working with local companies and we are committed to every single one of them, big or small. We are dedicated to supporting them because their success is genuinely ours’ too.