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May 30, 2019

Benefits of using Social Media and SEO Combined

SEO and Social Media can work together to ultimately bring more valuable, purchase-led customers to your site.

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Social Media and SEO Marketing Strategy

What are the benefits of using Social Media and SEO combined?

If you are using SEO or Social Media without the other, you may be missing out on potential clients who are not being captured by your marketing strategy! Together, they work seamlessly to guide potential customers to your website - and most importantly capturing warm leads who already have an interest in your product or service. This makes it far more likely that they will convert into a customer.

Especially in recent years, social media plays a major role in discovering a product or service. A recent report by Forrester suggests that in the last 5 years, social media platforms have seen a significant rise. Consumers now purchase products seen in a brands social media post, whether they buy it immediately or online at a later time. (See Curalate for exact figures). This indicates that the path to purchase is not direct - Marketers can no longer rely on 'last click attribution' to measure the source of the click or purchase. For example, a potential consumer can search for a product on Google, click the top organic result (which has got there via a successful SEO strategy) which leads them to a product or service landing page. Then later that night, when they are scrolling through Facebook, they are retargeted with an ad which shows the product they were close to buying earlier. (Retargeting is successful via a strong social media ads strategy). People see Facebook ads which align with their search behaviours, making them more likely to act.

Also, it is worth noting that social media gives you an outlet to post your valuable content which is most likely created with SEO in mind. When you post this content which you have worked hard to create and encourage others to share it, it leads to a boost in search engine rankings, especially if someone with high authority shares it. Social media increases your brand awareness which leads to more branded searches and therefore means it is more likely that you will rank for non-branded keywords.

Using SEO and Social Media effectively by producing and sharing relevant and valued content is a seamless way of attracting the right customer to your brand and increases the likelihood that they will purchase.

At Fountain Digital, we offer both SEO and Social Media services - they aim to maximise brand awareness and increase lead generation. If you feel that your business needs something a bit more bespoke, we can customise the package to suit your exact needs. If you require any information - please contact us.