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Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce

November 23, 2020
Business Directory

Tasked with creating a new look and advanced membership functionality for Eastbourne UnLtd, Fountain Digital would create a modern, easy to use, full functioning membership platform.


A new look for the engine room of Eastbourne.

Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce or Eastbourne UnLtd needed a more versatile and responsive website. This was no problem. Once we had created the front-end of the website, we moved onto create a bespoke database system that included login and membership functionality where members could add and host their own events where other members could attend. With the help of our database developer and coder, Bob Fountain, we married this functionality to the front-end design to create Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce's new website.

With the members at the heart of Eastbourne UnLtd, we needed to ensure the site was easy to navigate and fast to respond to users inputs and actions. This is why hosting on Amazon's CDN Tier 1 Network was a no brainer. Arguably the fastest hosting provider known to man, it has the capability of handling thousands of users at one time without compromising on load speeds, providing Eastbourne UnLtd with the ultimate website.

All member journeys such as sign up, login, event scheduling and ordering had to be easy and understandable. Which is why the front and beck-end team worked closely together over the weeks building the core of the website. The end result is something that both client and Fountain Digital are proud of.

Fountain Digital have developed the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce website over the last two years and we are delighted with it. Bob and Owen have adapted it to suit our needs and improve it on an ongoing basis.

Christina Ewbank
Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce