March 18, 2021

Local Driveway Company

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Even with a small SEO budget, you can achieve some amazing results with an ongoing SEO campaign. The longer you stick to it - the better results you will see!

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Karen Kay
Website Design
Content Writing
% of web traffic comes from organic SERPs.


A local driveway company approached Fountain Digital looking for a brand-new website. This was the company’s first website, and it was imperative that it was highly visible in search engines to create new leads for this relatively new business. In view of this, we discussed a small SEO campaign to drive traffic and new potential customers to the website. Not only this, the company decided to take up our content writing service as they simply didn’t have the time to write the content themselves.


The Fountain Digital team set to work, and our web designers began building the site. As with any of our projects, a homepage and inner page is designed initially and sent to the client to check they are happy with the design. This ensures complete satisfaction with the end result of every website build.

Our in-house marketing team began writing the content. Luckily, our content writers are also SEO specialists so with this combined expertise, they made sure to create keyword rich text that involved a detailed analysis of keywords and competitors. The content was added to the site and as soon as it was made live, we optimised the pages using our dedicated SEO tools.

Since the website went live, we have continued providing this company with an ongoing SEO campaign for a small monthly cost which has kept their pages at the top of Google. We have created more pages with fresh, unique content to target various highly searched keywords. We also undertake other tasks when necessary to help with their Google rankings such as link building, optimising their Google My Business profile and regularly running a site audit to ensure it adheres to Google’s latest best practices.


The results have been outstanding, and we instantly recognised the significant difference it makes when optimising a site as soon as it goes live. Positions in SERPs landed quickly and newly created landing pages began to rank instantly. For such a small SEO campaign the results and leads acquired through this process was immense.

Our client has continued with their ongoing SEO campaign and now has more than 30 keywords in the top 5 positions on the first page of Google, and more than 50 keywords on the first page of Google. Not only this, they consistently receive the majority of their traffic to their website from organic listings with 70% coming from organic results just last month.

This shows that even with a small SEO budget, longevity with your SEO campaign is the key to success. Many people expect instant results, but the longer you stick with an SEO campaign, the more results you will see from it! Get in touch to see how we can help your website gain more visibility in Google and ultimately get more enquiries!