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November 29, 2019

KB Glass

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KB Glass are local business who came to us looking to raise their site visibility online and increase lead generation. We have achieved some phenomenal results by carrying out ongoing SEO and Facebook ads.

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% of business comes via digital marketing methods


KB Glass are a local business, offering professional glass and glazing services throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding areas. We had already built KB Glass a stunning, fully responsive website but they wanted to gain more leads through their site and increase their visibility in Google. In January 2018, after discussing with the team how we can raise their online profile, we decided to bolt on SEO to their monthly website plan.


We started by meeting and discussing exactly what they wanted to gain from their digital marketing, their ideal customer ‘avatar’ and ultimately what products they wanted to sell. Firstly, we carried out significant keyword research into what keywords get the most search volume and get searched more frequently in the geographical areas they wanted to target. Keywords continually change with time, so we regularly carry out up-to-date keyword research every month to ensure we are targeting the right audience.

Then, we started creating ‘landing pages’ for those keyword search terms and optimising the content in order to rank for that keyword in search engines. We use our specialist SEO tools to include the right meta title, meta description, headings, alt tags, open graph markups, structured data markups all whilst keeping the content not only SEO optimised, but also user-friendly. Content is a huge part of SEO – as Google detects your content’s authority and places it in the Google rankings accordingly. We always ensure content is accurate and understandable – stuffing content with keywords will not get you on the first page of Google! SEO is a fairly steady process, but after a few months we started to see KB Glass’ landing pages rise in the Google rankings.

As the months rolled on, we created more landing pages as well as employing other SEO techniques such as link building, technical SEO methods and constantly tweaking and optimising existing pages to keep their rankings as high as possible.

In May 2019, we decided that we could be missing an opportunity by using Facebook as a marketing tool. SEO was working brilliantly, but we could increase their lead generation even further with the help of Facebook ads. After split testing different ad methods, we decided that the most valuable for them is a direct lead form ad. This is when people leave their details on a form which is filled out directly on Facebook. After the first few ads which tested the ad visual and various audiences, we gained more direct lead forms. Every ad lets us gain more information on the value of the audience and the ad itself. Every ad is monitored closely to ensure it is spending its budget efficiently.


  • The SEO and social media marketing strategy including the website brings in roughly 40% of KB Glass’ business.
  • As of December 2019, KB Glass are on the first page of Google for 156 keyword search terms.
  • KB Glass have gained roughly £50,000 of work from the social media ads since May 2019.

These incredible stats show that a comprehensive, multi-faceted marketing strategy is the most effective way to broaden your client base. KB Glass have been on an SEO package with us for over 2 years and they only gain more visibility within Google as time goes on. This demonstrates that longevity is the key to achieving excellent results when it comes to SEO. Get in touch to discuss a bespoke marketing strategy which will raise your business visibility and generate leads.

"I have just realised that we got another quite large job from Facebook so change the ad order value to £50,000!"
Michael, KB Glass