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September 22, 2020

Hartland Hoodies Facebook Advertising

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As you can see from the phenomenal figures, the right Facebook ad aimed at the right audience can have some incredible results. Hartland Hoodies wanted to increase their brand awareness and gain more leads from across the country. Using Facebook advertising and tracking techniques, we were able to provide exactly that.

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Hartland Hoodies offer school leavers hoodies with a difference. Their school leavers hoodie package includes a minimum of 5% commission offered to schools to support fundraising efforts, competitive pricing for parents and has a quick and easy online shop ordering process. Parents can reach their unique school shop page via their bespoke login and order through an online shop. This hassle-free process keeps everyone happy and makes Hartland Hoodies unique to many other leavers hoodie businesses.

Business Owner, Sophie, was looking to increase brand awareness and lead generation. She wanted to see results quickly – as it was peak time for schools to be organising their leavers hoodies and she did not want to miss out on this potential business. We decided in order to gain significant traffic and enquiries quickly, Facebook ads were the best route.


After a conversation with Sophie regarding the objective of the ad, we set up an ad campaign aimed at Primary/Junior School staff and PTA members as these are predominantly the roles who are responsible for organising leavers hoodies in schools. The goal was to attain their ‘initial enquiry’ form submission on the Hartland Hoodies website. So, we set up a bespoke form page on the website which had an entirely different URL to the usual ‘initial enquiry’ form that people would reach by going through any other channels. The only way to reach this page was via the ad we had created through Facebook. Once people completed this form, it led them to a bespoke ‘Thank you for your submission!’ page with a separate URL too. This meant we could track exactly how many leads the ad was gaining directly through how many visitors this bespoke URL had.

We tracked this conversion through Facebook by setting up a bespoke Facebook pixel code on this particular page. This meant that every visitor to this page was ‘tagged’ by Facebook and recognised as a conversion.

In terms of the ad design, we wanted to capture the attention of the audience without straying from the brand’s aesthetic. Hartland Hoodies use bright colours and illustrations within all of their branding. We used one of their recognisable illustrations with the 2020 leavers hoodies as the eye-catching graphic, accompanied by one of the main selling points of the brand; “Easy online ordering & commission process for schools.” We chose the capitalised title of “IT HAS NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT TO GIVE PUPILS THEIR PERSONALISED LEAVERS HOODIES” as this is what people would read first before clicking “see more”. This title intended to gain an empathetic response from the reader, recognising today’s current climate and understanding the fact that school leavers are not having their expected school send off.

Hartland Hoodies ad


We were blown away at the response from the ad. The ad itself gained 75 ‘reactions’, 217 comments (a significant amount of these were people tagging others who may be interested) and 121 shares. The ad reached 83,536 people and had 764 landing page views. Of these 764 landing page views, 63 forms were submitted. This works out as £2.38 per form submission/lead.

Not only this, but the ad introduced significant traffic to the website, which may have led to even more enquiries if the customer had taken a look around the website prior to enquiring (therefore not using the bespoke ad form). During the 19 days that the ad was running, the website had a total of 2,178 total sessions. Whereas the 19 days prior to the ad running, there were only 987 total sessions. This is a huge increase (over doubling the website users!) Looking at the analytics, during the period that the ad was live, 1,173 entrances to the site were from social media.

From these results, you can see just how powerful social media advertising can be with the right message, audience and tracking tools in place.

“Prior to joining Fountain Digital, we only had 4 partnered schools. In just 2 years, we now have 120 schools!”