July 12, 2023

A Taste of All Things Fountain Digital

Grace recently joined Fountain Digital on work experience from East Sussex College. Here's an overview by Grace of her time with us.

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A Taste of All Things Fountain Digital

A Taste of All Things Fountain Digital

Grace joined Fountain Digital on a work experience placement from East Sussex College and recently completed her last week with the team. It was a real pleasure having Grace in the office, showing her every part of the business, from email support to content writing. Grace joined us originally 1 day a week over a 6 week period, but we were so impressed with Grace's work that we invited her back for her second round of work experience.

Grace was unsure what areas of the business she was most interested in, although she had an initial interest in IT, so we had the pleasure of giving her time in each department. She even wrote this lovely blog of her journey:

My Time at Fountain Digital

I first started my work experience in March with Fountain Digital. I chose to do my work placement here because I have an interest in IT, however after experiencing different areas such as content writing and SEO I have since found many more interests. Before doing work experience at Fountain Digital, I was very unclear with what I wanted to do after college, but after working here I now have an idea of what I’d like to do. This is either going into work to do with content writing/ SEO in marketing or working with IT, either behind the scenes or with administrative work.

IT & Website Design

In March I originally only came in on Tuesdays each week, but more recently I have been coming in Mondays and Thursdays from ten until four. I enjoy every day that I work here and am yet to find a piece of work I dislike! For my first few weeks at Fountain Digital, I got to observe and take in information from the team, this ranged from what they do to how they do it. I also got to go out on a IT job and experience with Danny first-hand how they transfer/ create mailboxes and manage accounts. This meant I was able to get a look at some admin IT work, which he did show me in office as well. The web design team taught me how to use Webflow to create/ design websites, this was a lot of fun as it was very interesting to see how websites operate. I even got a chance to design my own website by exploring how Webflow works and figuring out what each tool does. The team got me to test and try out Webflow through tutorial videos and activities that the platform has to offer, this gave me independence but also support.


The marketing team got me to look at SEO. They told me what it is, why they do it and how they do it. I learnt that SEO can help make a business be more successful as it is the process of drawing in more traffic to a business’s website. It assists a website in making it into the top rankings in search engines, which helps improve the websites position in search results pages. Over the past week I have recently been writing content for client’s websites, this I definitely have enjoyed. It has involved me doing research on the business and the services that they offer, then writing a page for their website based on what the client wanted. This allowed me to see how website pages are expected to look and how to achieve this look, I also got to experience in Webflow what the pages are like before they are published. The administrative side involved me looking at Google Analytics and databases. This is where I got to transfer data in Google Analytics, for client's websites.

Why I Enjoyed my Time with Fountain Digital

With my time here I have gotten a chance to see good teamwork and what makes a business successful. At Fountain Digital they have been very welcoming and have made me feel a part of a team, this is one of the main reasons as to why I have enjoyed my time here so much. I have learnt how to handle certain business situations such as when there are technical issues or just with general client meetings. The team have meetings each week where everyone informs one another on what work is currently being worked on, what work is coming up in the future and what work has been completed. This was very helpful for me to experience because it showed me how important communication is in the workplace as it ensures that no work is being missed and everything is on track. Overall, my time here has been wonderful and I hope to come back soon.

Thank you Grace! Such a fantastic blog and we have loved having you at FD. We also hope to see you back here soon!