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All website tiers come with a Setup Fee of £200 + VAT
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Fresh & Engaging Website Design

At Fountain Digital we design and build bespoke websites that are completely unique to you and your business. Every website is designed to perfectly reflect your brand and the personality of your company, with a responsive site that stands out from your competitors. Many companies use standard templates, but Fountain Digital are firm believers in creating all of our websites from scratch, with our designs bound by nothing but our imagination.

Design is the key, but we don’t stop there, we make sure your site is engaging, easy to navigate and responsive across all platforms. It is more than just a digital experience for your customer, it needs to generate business and provide you with a return on your investment. Our in-house web designers have developed sites for companies across every industry, each one innovatively designed and custom built to proudly represent brands in their own, unique light.  

5-100 Page Website

As part of your website we will both design and develop a website with up to and including 5-100 content pages depending on your pricing tier. This may include a homepage, a gallery page and a contact page dependant on your requirements.

If you require a website with more than 100 pages, then we can discuss a bespoke quotation to cover all your needs.

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Business Emails

If you need an email solution to sit alongside your website then we can discuss integration with Office 365.

Connect. Organize. Get things done.

Work efficiently with email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and more—together in one place. Office integration lets you share attachments right from OneDrive, access contacts, and view LinkedIn profiles.


The fastest hosting on the internet via Tier 1 Content Delivery Network, Amazon Cloudfront, and Fastly.

Super Fast Hosting

Site plans are backed by  super fast, secure, and scalable hosting infrastructure.


Delivering your content from the server closest to your site visitor, ensuring even faster page loads.

(Amazon CDN is also ISO 27018 compliant, in order to protect your customers' personal information).

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Regular Backups

This is essential for any  website because if your website were to be hacked or the hosting  compromised, your website and all it's data could well be lost.

With a regimented back up routine Fountain Digital gives you peace of mind knowing that should the unthinkable occur then we can have your website restored and running in as short a time as possible, as if nothing had ever happened.

We know from bitter experience how concerted and focused hacking has become in recent years with groups now set up wholly just to bring about the demise of your website. We can't stop them doing what they are doing but we can assure you that if anyone does try to hack into your website, we are on hand to take immediate action and, if necessary, restore the site from a back-up.

Extra Pages

Certain websites need specialist content and additional pages over and above our standard pages tiers. We understand that. That’s why we will discuss with you from the outset your exact requirements and tailor a quotation based on your precise needs.

Some examples of features that are not covered in our standard rental price are databases, e-commerce shops and mailing solutions.            

Additional Pages

Each additional page, over the standard amount, is charged at £1.50 + VAT extra per month.

Exceeding Limits

If your site needs to exceed 100 pages we will discuss how to overcome this limitation and offer a bespoke quotation.
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SEO Services

Search engine optimisation. Also known as (SEO) has dozens of sub disciplines; including video optimisation, local search, social media and image. This complexity demonstrates why your business should outsource this very specialised work.

Your website can benefit massively from one of our SEO packages.


Content Creation

We employ the services of an experienced and accommodating copywriter who’ll not only provide suggestions for blog material but also write all the copy you need – from scratch. This can be done as frequently as you require, although we would recommend that a monthly blog update would probably be optimal to keep the site fresh and SEO friendly.  Talk to us about how to create cost effective website copy and blog packages.

You can learn more about our copywriting service by clicking the button below:

copywriting service
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Are you looking to expand your business online? Start selling online now with FD Store, FD Store is a fully blown eCommerce solution which takes secure online payments.

With FD Store you are able to take full control of your Shopping Cart with the ability to easily add products and categories, our support team will help you setup the store and give you the initial training you require to get you on your way.


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