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Social Media

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With over 3 billion people now using social media, it has quickly become an essential digital marketing platform for businesses across the world. Whether you are a small, local business or a large international enterprise – social media carries a range of benefits that cannot be ignored. Directly interacting with your potential customers whilst also reaching new ones, developing brand awareness and driving more traffic to your website with engaging posts – used correctly social media provides proven results.

Brand Visibility and Authority

Do you want to get your business name out there but are unsure how to go about this? Social media offers the perfect way to increase your brands visibility. With such a vast number of daily users, it is both an effective and inexpensive tool for reaching new, targeted potential customers and in turn enhancing your brand recognition.

Customers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to deciding which business to choose. To gain a valuable insight into your company, customers now often refer to their social media pages to establish their authority and whether they are a trustworthy business. Being met with a sparse account with no recent posts, no reviews and incorrect business information screams concern to the customer. On the flip side an active account with regular posts, reviews and business details provides a sense of reassurance to customers with easy access to the additional services you offer.


Social media provides you with direct access to connect with your clients, giving them a voice and allowing you to respond in a professional manner which in turn boosts customer loyalty.  It is a great way of discovering what makes your customers tick and using this to your advantage. You can find out vital information about what attracts them to your brand and what more they want to see from you. If you are doing a fantastic job – your customers are likely to not only thank you for it via social media but also share their positive experience with their followers, which means more publicity and in turn more business for you.

Increased Traffic to your Website

If you are posting about your brand on your social media pages, you are likely to be adding links to your website within these posts. This creates a new entry point for people to access your website. The more people that visit your website and the more organic traffic that leads to your site – the higher your site may reach in the Google rankings. The more traffic that gets to your website, the more opportunities for conversions and the more business you receive.

on Social Media

If you have the means, it is possible to set up paid advertisements on social media to set up adverts which are customised around your specific needs. This allows you to target a specific age, gender, location, education level, industry or even user behaviour. This will entice your target audience and lead to more conversions.

with Fountain Digital

Social media can be time consuming and tricky if it is unfamiliar territory. If you do not have the time to run your businesses social media effectively – look no further!

Fountain Digital have the experience and expertise to set up your social media accounts and develop your social media strategy. It takes more than simply posting regularly, you need to ensure your posts are engaging with the required message instantly communicated. Interaction is key and we will work with you every step of the way.

We offer two social media options for – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus or linkedIn:

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Social Media
Set Up

We set up your accounts and leave you to manage them moving forward. The added bonus of this, if we have designed your logo, is that we can make everything look pixel perfect by ensuring correct sizes and file types are adhered to.

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Social Media Management

We set up your accounts and manage each platform moving forward (or if they are existing accounts, we simply manage). Generating engaging posts, increasing customer interaction and providing monthly reports.

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