Using Groundwire with our FDVox VoIP phones.

Now you can use your mobile with the Groundwire App, accept & make office calls straight from your mobile!

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No one knew that coronavirus was coming. Businesses and society itself had no way of preparing for what was to come. As a business, Fountain Digital needed to be operational as soon as possible, using our very own VoIP telephone system we was simply able to pick them up, take them home, and plug them in, FD was up and running within minutes and able to support our clients. It's a difficult time working from home and sometimes you just need to move to a different room to talk, with our system and using the Groundwire App you can do just that!

Even if you haven't got your telephone system with us, but you want to make the jump or even just divert your main office telephones to a temporary number, we are able to assist.

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