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Online Food Shopping

You can shop online using your supermarkets website on a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone (e.g. iPhone) or tablet (e.g. iPad).

Step 1

Navigating to your Supermarkets Website

Depending on what device you are using to access the internet, you can use a browser to open the internet. Browsers that you may use may be any of the following:

  • Safari - Apple Products (iPhones, iPads etc).
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer

Once you have opened one of the above browsers, now you must use a search engine. We'd recommend using Google, but for those of you that don't have Google appear immediately don't panic! You can use the search bar in front of you to still search for your supermarket.

Search for your supermarket and click on the blue underlined link.

Browser Graphic
Step 2

Booking a Time Slot

Once you've added all of your products to your basket you now need to checkout, also known as paying at the tills.

You will need to book a time slot so that the delivery of your food can be scheduled. Follow the instructions on screen to choose your time slot.

Please Note: Due to extremely high demand at the moment, you may have to be more flexible with your time slots.

Sainsburys' Delivery Slot Graphic
Step 3

Searching for Items & Adding to the Basket

Now that you've selected your time slot, you can now begin shopping. You can either search for them by typing in the names of the products into the search bar or you can click through the categories.

With most mainstream supermarkets they have a robust and up-to-date shopping system which will allow you to add the products easily to your basket.

Think of your basket as your real life basket or trolley when you're in the supermarket. You add products into it or you take products away, it's the same principle online.

You can view your basket at any time by clicking on the basket/ trolley icon usually found at the top of the website.

Please Note: You may be asked to register if you are not already a registered online customer of your supermarket.

Sainsburys' Online Store Browser
Step 4

Checkout & Delivery

Once you have added all of your items to your basket, you can now checkout and buy your shopping. Some supermarket websites may appear different to others but they all have a Checkout/ Pay button.

This will lead you through to your billing details and payment process. Credit or Debit Cards at the ready, you will need to enter the Name of the Cardholder as it appears on the card, Card Number and Security Code.

Please Note: Supermarket websites are extremely secure and pose no threat to your sensitive financial information. If you are concerned about the security of your financial details then please contact the supermarket.

You've now paid for your items and they will be prepared for your delivery slot you have selected. The supermarket will let you know if they've had to swap out any of your products in case they are in short supply.

Food Shopping Delivery Graphics

App App and Away!

Most supermarkets have apps that you can download from the App Store or Android Store which makes life just that bit easier!

These instructions are generic and aren't specific to any online retailer.
For further information please visit the Help Centre's on your supermarkets website.

Connecting with your Family

You can use platforms such as FaceTime, Facebook, Skype and many more to audio or video call your loved ones.

Choosing a Platform

Before deciding on a platform, check with your family whether they already have a platform that they use. Here are some popular platforms that you may want to look at:

  • FaceTime - Compatible across Apple Products
  • Skype - Compatible across most devices using the Skype App
  • Facebook Messenger - Compatible for those who have accounts on Facebook and have the Facebook Messenger app
Call Graphic

Alternatively, we can help you setup Skype if you require some further assistance.

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