If an image speaks a thousand words, a moving image speaks a million.


50% Upfront
  • Personalised

  • On Site Filming

  • Basic Informational Video

  • Filmed in HD 1080p

  • Maximum of 1-2 Minutes in Length

  • Up to 2 Changes to your Video

  • Personalised

  • On Site Filming

  • Interview Style

  • Filmed in 4K Ultra HD

  • Maximum of 3-4 Minutes in Length

  • Published to YouTube

  • Up to 5 Changes to your Video


30% Upfront
  • Personalised

  • On Site Filming

  • Feature Promo

    (Combined informational video & interviews)

  • Filmed in 4K Ultra HD

  • Maximum Length of 6 Minutes

  • Published to YouTube

  • Published to Social Media*

  • Unlimited Video Amendments**

Upfront costs must be paid prior to pre-production.
*The video will only be published to your Social Media accounts that have already been setup.
**Unlimited Video Amendments are subject to our Fair Use Policy in our Terms & Conditions.
All prices shown are exclusive of VAT. These prices are one-off fees. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

The Video Vault

To give you an example of what we can do for you, have a look at the videos below.

Step into the Spotlight

With the increase of technology and the laziness of human beings, most would prefer to sit and watch a film or video rather than read a big block of text. We know we would. Would you? Being able to showcase your companies work is vital to gaining the attention of new potential customers. So why not portray what you could do for a customer in a way that the customer would like to see? It’s a no brainer, hypothetically.

Here at Fountain Digital, our videography service will give your business the publicity it deserves. Begin your first steps onto centre stage with our Searchlight package or step into the spotlight and give yourself an advantage over competitors with our very cleverly named, Spotlight package.

Ultimately, your company deserves the full package; the spotlight, the centre stage and the £2million jackpot. Okay maybe not the £2million jackpot, but you can expand your market audience through your new promotional video. You don’t want to be working hours and hours on end for no one to recognise what you do or what you’re about. So why not showcase your business with our top videography package? After all, you deserve the spotlight.

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