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FD VOX Feature Codes
Some features are disabled by default, please contact us for help.

Record specific messages

Dial *732 and follow prompts

Access Your Voicemail

Dial *97

Access Another Voice mailbox

Dial *98 then the extension number, PIN of the mailbox you wish to access

Put a call through to Voicemail

Dial *99[extension] to leave a voicemail or put a call through to voicemail

Call Pickup

Dial **[extension] to pickup another ringing extension

Global Pickup

Dial *886 to pickup whichever extension is ringing

Group Pickup

Dial *8 to pickup and extension in your group

Transfer a Call

Dial *1 then destination, hangup to complete. Use this for phones without a Transfer button

Delay Echo Dial

Dial *9195 Will echo after 5 seconds

Echo Test Dial

Dial *9196 Useful to determine audio latency

Milliwatt Tone

Dial *9197 to test tone

Tone Test

Dial *9198 for the test tone (Tetris theme)

Test Music on hold

Dial *9664 to test music on hold

Call Recording

If our Call recording service is already setup for you then you can stop/start a recording whilst in a call by dialling *0 to stop and *0 to start again. The call recording itself is recorded as a single audio file.

If  you do not currently use our call recording service please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Our voicemail service can either be set to send you an email with a .wav file attached or you can use the traditional method and access from your phone. This is how you can also set a personal greeting.

Voicemail can be accessed by dialling *97. You will then be prompted to enter your PIN number, followed by #.

To access the voicemail of another extension, dial *98. You will be prompted to enter the extension number, followed by #. You will then be prompted to enter your PIN number, followed by #.

Once logged into the voicemail system you can access the following;

Option 1 – Listen to new messages

Option 2 – Listen to saved messages

Option 5 – Advanced menu. From here you can record your voicemail greetings and select a message to be played. There are 9 greeting slots available, this is useful for when you are on holiday or in meetings.

Advanced option 1 – Record a greeting. You will be asked to choose a greeting between 1 and 9. If you have never recorded a greeting before, then press 1. Press # to stop recording.

Advanced option 2 – Choose a greeting

Advanced option 3 – Record your name

Advanced option 0 – Return to the main menu

You can change your greeting at any time by following the instructions above, and choosing a different greeting number.

Transferring Calls

When you have a call on the line, there are two ways to transfer it to either an extension or an external phone number. Specific instructions are available for Gigaset and Snom.

Attended Transfer

You speak to the other extension or phone number before transferring the call.

Place the caller on hold using the Hold button or by pressing the active line button (usually line 1). Dial the extension or number you wish to transfer the call to. If the other person wishes to accept the call simply hangup or press the transfer button if your phone has one.

If the person does not with to take the call, press the cancel button. Retrieve the call by pressing the active line button (usually line 1).

Please consult the phone manual for specific instructions.

Blind Transfer

A blind transfer is when you transfer a call to an extension without telling the person you are transferring a call.

With the caller on the line, press the Transfer button. Dial the extension or phone number of the other person you wish to transfer the call to and press the tick or send key.

Please consult the phone manual for specific instructions.