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FD Networking-19

No one knew that coronavirus was coming. Businesses and society itself had no way of preparing for what was to come. As a business, Fountain Digital are trying to do everything we can to help ourselves, our clients and anyone we can during this unprecedented time. Within the business world, we are encouraging a sense of community because after all… we are all in the same boat!  

Although we aren’t able to communicate in person, we still want these conversations to happen between businesses to promote business owners to share advice on how they are dealing with the effects of COVID-19. We are putting together a free online networking club for business around Eastbourne & Sussex to join - called FD Networking-19. We all need support, advice and help during these difficult times. We are hoping that these free networking sessions will give participants a sense of awareness regarding the situation, advice on how it affects their company and provide solutions for them to put in place. Most importantly, hopefully it will give you some reassurance that you aren’t alone during these tough times. Perhaps you may even make some worthwhile business connections and still manage to do some business!

We are hoping to give people the opportunity to make new contacts and help other businesses - sharing information on how they are dealing with getting through these challenging times ahead.

We are all working remotely which can feel very isolating. Now is the time to all come together and fight back against COVID-19 and save your business! The meetings will be held via Zoom and you will receive all of the information regarding the meeting prior to the date. The meetings will include:

· Weekly Agendas/Topics

· Professional & Legal Advice

· Mixed Skills & Professionals

· Online video conference using Zoom

· Guest Speakers

We would love you register your interest in FD Networking-19. More info to follow!

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