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August 6, 2021

Unreal Lawns Redesign

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Unreal Lawns are one of Fountain Digital's longest-standing clients with their first website built with us over ten years ago. In May 2021, we started a redesign of their old website. Our aim was to bring the site up to date with new best practices along with a fresh, modern style to complement their new logo.

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Website Design
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% decrease in bounce rate after the redesign.

Within the first week of the redesigned website going live, we saw the bounce rate of visitors on Unreal Lawns decrease by 21%.

What is bounce rate?

Let's start with what a bounce is. A bounce is a single-page session on your website, where the visitor lands on the site and does not make any interactions before closing or exiting the website. The bounce rate is calculated from how many visitors bounce out of the total number of visitors, so the lower the bounce rate, the better.

First impressions are vital when it comes to your website and you won't get a second chance to grab the users attention. This means the first section that you first see when you land on the website, let's call it the hero section, of the home page needs to provide the user with everything they need to interact with the website - no messing about.

The average attention span of a website visitor is just 8 seconds before closing the tab down, the facts speak for themselves! So we had to ensure that the hero section design captures the users attention to remain on the site.

The Results

From the statistics we can see that the redesign has encouraged users to either browse the site past the home page, looking into greater detail at school services, learning about how synthetic grass is pet friendly or enquiring and completing the free quote form. All of these extra clicks/taps/interactions improve the sites bounce rate and can influence its overall performance in search engines.

When designing a site, we always make sure that it is optimised for performance across the board, this includes requirements like accessibility, which coincidentally also improves the site's performance across search engines like Google with its new Core Web Vitals update. The redesigned site targets it's intended audience with large images that speak for themselves and successfully engaging with the user, leading to the lower bounce rate we see today.