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February 12, 2021

A.P. Security Case Study

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These amazing results metrics show just what SEO and Social Media can achieve when carefully researched and planned. We have increased brand awareness massively for national security company A.P. Security who have been a pleasure to work with.

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% increase in website visitors


A.P. Security are a national security company who came to us looking for a new website and a greater online presence. We built them a fully responsive, informative website equipped with a news section and careers page. In order to achieve their goals in raising their online presence, we agreed on implementing a combined SEO and social media strategy. Their SEO strategy needed to increase their website traffic and generate more leads, whilst their social strategy needed to gain them more traction, followers and awareness through their social channels.


Firstly, the Marketing team spent time getting to know the areas of business that A.P. Security wanted to focus on and who they wanted to attract to their website. Then, we carried out keyword research within these particular areas to highlight keywords that we should centre our SEO campaign around. We focused on long tail keywords which offered a high volume of traffic and an achievable competition level. It is this research prior to the commencement of the work itself which is pivotal to the campaigns’ success.

Once the website was live, we started their social media and SEO campaigns in September 2020. In terms of social media, we made sure all of their profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were up to a professional standard with high quality profile images, professional cover images and all relevant information regarding their business was completed and up to date. One of the aims that we discussed with the A.P. Security team was getting their Facebook account more followers. One of the first things we did was set up a ‘Page Likes’ Facebook ad campaign to encourage more followers. With an ad spend of just £200, we increased the Facebook following by 51%. Since this campaign has finished and within the last 3 months, their following has continued to grow with organic posting techniques.

We created and optimised their Google My Business profile to ensure their business could be found in Google and included all relevant information for potential clients to view. This not only helps in terms of providing the audience with the information they are looking for, but also can help with improving website Google rankings. A Google Business listing provides the opportunity for any business to appear in what is called the ‘local 3 pack’ - a position above all organic listings in a prime position in SERPs. Through careful optimisation techniques we have ensured A.P. Security will not only appear in organic listings but also in the local 3 pack for certain keywords and locations.

Once we identified the keywords and long tail keywords to target first, we began optimising their static pages and creating new landing pages for these keywords. We use our specialist SEO tools for various on-page and off-page SEO strategies. There is an array of points to cover during any optimisation including: meta titles, meta descriptions, open graph mark-ups, keyword rich content etc. We ensure each page is user-friendly, accessible and responsive on all devices. All of these aspects give the website the best chance of ranking highly in Google.

Our social media strategy involved weekly posting across three identified key social channels: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Through regular communication with the A.P. Security team we ensure the posts are relevant, personal and informative to encourage engagement and more followers to the pages.

In addition to organic posting, A.P. Security really wanted to grow their followers and drive more traffic to their website. Using Facebook advertising we have created monthly ads, each with a specific aim. Using Facebook pixel, we are able to track visitors to the website which we can then use for retargeting purposes later on. To date the ads have seen fantastic results, each one improving on the last as we learn more about the audience and further refine our ad strategy. Our latest ad received 582 link clicks, with a cost of £0.34 per click.


In just 5 months…

• 88% increase in Facebook followers

• 327% increase in website visitors

• 3416% increase in website visitors who come from social media

These incredible figures show exactly what a responsive website, a well-planned social media strategy and a carefully formulated SEO campaign can achieve when they work together. Many of our clients comment on how reassuring it is to have their website, SEO and social media team under one roof so that each aspect can fit together perfectly. Gaining visibility online through Google and via social media will not only raise your business profile but also generate leads and connections.

Whether you are looking to increase your following on social media, gain more visits to your website or to get more business leads - please get in touch to discuss a digital marketing plan which can achieve your goals with your budget in mind.