Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Social Media

72% of online adults use social networking sites. It’s no wonder that businesses take advantage of this free tool to interact and advertise to potential customers. Friends, families, colleagues and influencers all use social media to search for information, recommendations and entertainment. If your business isn’t around to answer – one of your competitors will be!

Social media offers a whole new platform for you to impress customers and for those customers to shout about their positive experience with your brand. It gives you the ability to have direct online conversations with your customers – whether those conversations are handling and learning from customer feedback or thanking customers for their loyalty. Using social media within your business is a great way to discover what makes your customers tick and using this to your advantage. You can find out vital information about what attracts them to your brand and what more they want to see from you. If you are doing a fantastic job – your customers are likely to not only thank you for it via social media but also share their positive experience with their followers, which means more publicity. If you use social media in the right way, you are likely to build a loyal community of customers who are excited by being given exclusives and recognition from your brand.

There are so many additional benefits to using social media within your business that are not what you would think of initially. For example, social media can have a wonderful influence in HR as it encourages employee engagement and can help find and connect with new recruits.  If you are reaching potential applicants on social media, it is likely they have already ‘liked’ or ‘followed’ you, and therefore you are getting applicants who are already genuinely interested in your brand.

If you choose to utilise social media as a marketing strategy, you have access to platforms like ‘Facebook Insights’ which can give you a fuller picture of who your audience is and who is engaging most with your posts. This could present gaps in your social media where you may be able to pay more attention to drive more engagement.

Social media is an amazing marketing method which is low in cost, fast and effective. It is an effective way to grow your customer base and to reach your target audience and potential new customers. As part of our SEO package at Fountain Digital, we can take care of all your social media platforms, including regular posts and updates.

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