Two new websites go live!

Website Design

We recently launched two brand new websites, both are based in Eastbourne but they couldn't be more different!

Steven Lowe Shoes are a bespoke shoemakers based in Eastbourne specialising in incredible, totally unique shoes. Steven contacted us with a need to update his old website to portray a new, cleaner, more professional image. His shoes are something to behold so why shouldn't his website be too? Steven creates his shoes after making what is called a 'last,' a wooden sculpt of your own foot. This way your shoe will be made to fit like a super comfortable slipper; to your exact foot dimensions.

The processes involved really are unique and hark back to the great artisan shoemakers of years gone by. We can't recommend enough that you visit his website and see how he creates his masterpieces.

CT Personal Training Studio is owned and operated by Hugo, a Personal Trainer adept at not only teaching the cardio and weightlifting side of fitness but also Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that focuses on movement and flexibility in order to maximise its students fitness and combat prowess. Hugo is joined in his gym by various, multi skilled colleagues who will help, guide and advise you in all aspects of your fitness.

We thoroughly recommend that you seek out Hugo and his team if you want to develop your fitness and strength.

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