The Start of Fountain Productions


You may have noticed that we have a new arm to Fountain Digital! Fountain Productions is our new sector of the business dedicated to videography. Fountain Productions create bespoke videos including corporate features, documentaries, music videos, wedding videos, product reviews and more. Whatever type of video you need – we can create!

What is the story behind Fountain Productions?

The need for videography has always presented itself at Fountain Digital as high-quality visuals are so heavily linked to web design. Many websites we have built require a bespoke background video. We were always more than happy to offer clients this service as Owen’s passion for film-making outside of work meant he had the skills to carry out an excellent job.

It is undeniable that an engaging video can get a certain message across in exactly the right way. Back in October 2018, we decided to create a corporate video for Fountain Digital, showcasing everything we had to offer. Once this video went live, Owen’s talents for videography were seen by the world and we were happy to start creating corporate features for some of our clients who enquired about having their own corporate video. During this time, we created the BMW GranCoupé video as a thank you to BMW Chandlers Hailsham for their service. This gained further attraction and we knew our videography service has the potential to offer something entirely unique and special to many businesses.

But it isn’t just business where videography shines! Owen was asked to create a wedding video, to which he knew this was a task that required a little more assistance. Jack was eager to help, as they work alongside each other in their film-making work in their spare time. The wedding video was a stunning success – not only could they get corporate videos just right; wedding videos were just as impressive. At this point, videography was becoming more and more in demand and so Jack came on board as a member of the team.

Our videography service has grown and grown and soon we decided that it deserved its own identity. It now has its own website and social media accounts – putting out unique content all about videography. We are very proud of the incredible reviews received so far:

“Creating a corporate video seemed a daunting task at first. After meeting with Owen and Jack I knew I was in safe hands. These guys are professional people and work with incredible enthusiasm. They were not happy until everything was just perfect and I am so pleased with the end result. Thank you.” – Andy, Vostel
“What a superb team, the video produced for our Eastbourne and District Community Awards 2019 was perfect so much so that we requested no tweaks or changes at all but said that there was one small thing that was missing at the end of the video... and that was the Fountain Digital logo saying filmed and produced by them. We are very much looking forward to working with them again at our Gin and Rum Lovers Festivals and our Business Women Excellence awards in November of this year and on many other events in 2020.” – Faiza, Carrot Events

Please go and check out Fountain Productions for any of your videography needs – or just have a look at some of the stunning work they have produced so far. Every video is made with the client at the heart of it, putting across exactly the intended message. Keep an eye out - lots of VERY exciting projects coming soon...!

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