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We have just finished Smart Aerial's new website and we must say, it has developed into a really attractive, informative site. This is thanks in no small part to owner Tom's diligence in not only providing quality written content but also in making his excellent video blogs and guides which add a nice personal touch to the site.

Tom is very pro-active in keeping his site up to date and fresh which helps boost his Google rankings no end. In fact, we have given Tom access to an editor feature where he can update the text and images on his site himself. This not only encourages Tom to keep the site up to date but it also means he can get changes done instantly without having to wait for us to respond to his ticket, this would not be so much of a problem during office hours but is extra useful at weekends.

We recommend you look through the site as there is lots of fantastic information about all things aerial, satellite and AV.

Smart Aerials should be your go to company for any work you are considering in this field, we can't recommend Tom highly enough!

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