Remote working and keeping productive during the coronavirus outbreak.


Hello to all our clients,

During the advent of the current crisis we decided to write to you to suggest how we believe that you should err on the side of caution yet apply some traditional optimism as we approach the testing times ahead. We truly believe businesses should be looking forwards rather than backwards at the moment.

So, we have decided to advise you how we think you can stay productive via remote working apps and services and also improve your business whilst we all deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Working remotely.

Whilst we await specific Government protocol on self-isolation and potential lockdowns, we thought it prudent to show you how, if necessary, you can still stay productive at home.

Microsoft Teams.

Stay in touch with your colleagues via video conferencing and chat. Microsoft Teams is the perfect platform to keep your business and its employees connected, even when miles apart.

IP Telephony.

Our HostedPBX service allows you to make and receive business calls from anywhere there is an internet connection. You could take your office telephone home, connect to your router then make and receive calls as you would in the office.

You are not restricted to use a telephone handset. Software phones are available to install on Windows, Mac OS plus there are iOS and Android apps available. We will not charge you any extra for additionally adding a softphone to your service and if you would like to set this up please get in touch with us.

Datto Workplace.

Flexible Working: Datto Workplace allows you to access files and applications remotely, enabling you to work efficiently from home or on the go. This solution ensures your files are synced and backed up, accessible from any of your devices with your login details but most importantly, protected.

Collaboration: Improving how we store, and exchange information leads to new ways of working, which allow people to collaborate more effectively and become more productive at work.

Files are always available and up to date no matter where you are, and all you need to access your work is a secure WIFI connection. It’s that simple! Datto Workplace also gives you ransomware protection built in and the ability to share files and roll back backups. As Datto re-sellers we are perfectly poised to help you take advantage of cloud file hosting.

Microsoft 365.

The main benefit of Office 365 is the capability to work from anywhere. This is because it’s entirely cloud-based, emails, files and Office programs (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc) can be accessed from any location. This is particularly beneficial for companies with multiple locations, remote employees or employees who travel often.

We can help you set up Office 365. Just get in touch with us.

Improving and protecting your business.

SEO visibility.

With people due to spend even longer online than is usual, now is the time to focus on this aspect of your business. Once the current crisis is over, and it will be, you need your brand to be visible in Google. What better time to engage in a solid SEO campaign to rise above the opposition than whilst they sit back and wait it out? There may be some of your competition that have always been above you in the rankings. This is the perfect opportunity to use your foresight to finally jump above them and gain a dominant foothold in your industry. We have a proven track record in this specialism and would be happy to discuss this service with you.


There is currently a massive spike in e-commerce sales as people look to self-isolate and have products delivered to them via the internet. Do you have the ability to offer any of your products via an online store? Or maybe you can sell your products as digital downloads? There is a very viable revenue stream that you could be missing out on here if you are not careful. Get in touch with us to see how we can assist you in this aspect of your business.

You need a website still.

It’s that simple. When the coronavirus outbreak is over there will be a clamour from businesses who decided to cancel their website services to get back into the online world. This could do two things: It might mean website prices will rise sharply as it will be a captive market and two; website design companies could possibly be overrun with demand. So, you could potentially be looking at a long wait for your business to have an online presence, all the while paying an extortionate amount of money for the privilege. We are advising businesses not to take their websites offline as an additional  impact of this could be that your clients think you have gone out of business completely.

Government funding.

The government have dedicated funds to help business big and small deal with the current crisis.
For small businesses who do not pay any business rates you can apply for a grant -
Also a new temporary coronavirus business interruption loan scheme will be made available through the British Business Bank in the next couple of weeks, allowing businesses to access loans of up to £1.2 million.

It’s not all doom and gloom, our government will look to help us here possible.

If you are still justifiably concerned about your business and coronavirus we can help. By providing you with a free consultation on how we think you can best look to make changes to both your online presence and remote working protocols we will work together to address all areas of concern. Get in touch with us at to book in your free consultation now.

Most importantly we hope you, your family and friends all stay healthy during these testing and unprecedented times.


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