January 12, 2018

Owen arrives to make all things creative

Just not cups of tea

We are so excited to welcome Owen into the Fountain Digital family. Owen is joining us as a junior designer and is already making great strides, helping Neil with all things creative, from logos and print design, to custom websites and updating our client's current sites. Owen is well versed in Adobe's photographic and video editing apps and is busy learning more about Vector Graphics in Adobe Illustrator. He is also throwing himself head-first into website design and development, with great effect.

We knew Owen would fit in with us when he unleashed his personal mug upon us. At first we were concerned with his nickname of 'OCK' then it slowly dawned on us...

We can't thank his girlfriend Elisha enough for this, as it was her that bought it for him. He hasn't, won't and will never live this one down.

Best of luck to you Owen!

You can read more about Owen and the rest of the team HERE.