NHS East Sussex Sexual Health site goes live!

Website Design

When Gill, Tony and Ross from the NHS contacted us with a view to update their website we were excited by the possibilities that lay ahead. In a departure from their old website they wanted a data driven task bar on the homepage that could direct members of the public to the relevant services in their direct geographical area. It was with this in mind that Bob, our database developer conjured his magic to create an amazing search bar that easily instructs members of the public to where they need to go.

Neil designed the look and feel of the site whilst in constant contact with Gill, Tony and Ross in order to display the information they wanted as cleanly and attractively as possible.

Once the overall look and functionality of the site was finalised it was sent out for public canvassing tests to determine how the general public and also fellow NHS practitioners felt it performed on both an aesthetic and practicality level. The results came back and it was on overwhelming success!

Now that we were on the home straight there were only a few minor tweaks to make before launching the site live. And with that, the site became a reality.

We are justly proud of what has been achieved and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with East Sussex Sexual Health in the years to come.

Just one word of warning though... don't ever, ever look at THIS page, ever. Neil still has nightmares, you have been warned.


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