It's time to stay positive!


It may all seem doom and gloom at the moment as we are seeing many businesses have to close their doors and wait for Coronavirus and its effects to become a distant memory. But do not despair! In fact, there is plenty that can be done to get ahead of your competition, engage with your customers and come back into the business world stronger than ever in a few months’ time.

1. Connect with your customers and clients over social media

All businesses are in the same boat and trying to handle theCoronavirus lockdown whilst keeping their businesses afloat. Now is the time to stand out and push your brand even more! It’s time to get communicating with your existing customers and even gain a new customer base! People are stuck at home and therefore - internet traffic has doubled! It is important that you reach out to your customers and provide them with plenty of reassurance at this critical time. Whether you have closed your doors entirely or are altering your service – let your customers know that you are thinking of them. Use an act of kindness or even a special offer for new customers when business is back to normal, and promote this via social media to help build up your brand.


2. Make sure your business can be found online!

People may not be able to interact with each other in real life, but they are online! In fact, internet traffic has doubled! If you do not have a website, you could be missing vital online traffic. If you have the means, perhaps this would be a great time to plan your web presence and enquire with a web designer or marketing agency. They are likely to give you a great deal considering the current climate! If you do have a website, and your website is low down the search engine rankings, now is the time to address it. You should consider using search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies now to start climbing the ladder and be on top of Google’s search results when normality resumes.

This is not a time to be hidden!


3. Paid Search is the correct move right now.

With billions of people currently just sitting in front of their screens, now is the time to invest in paid search. Paid search is a great way to push your services and brand. Paid search including Facebook and Google(PPC Marketing) costs are decreasing each day so now is the perfect time to invest part of your digital marketing budget and use it wisely.


4. Jump in front of your competition

Organic SEO has the ability to increase traffic to your website through getting you to the first few positions in search engines for highly searched keyword terms - (For example, “Law Firm in Eastbourne”). SEO aims to put you in front of your competition in the SERPS (search engine results pages) through many on-page and off-page SEO techniques. SEO can be highly competitive - every company wants to be on the top of Google and on the front page of Google SERPs. SEO, although is more cost-effective than paid search, normally takes at least 3 months to see significant results. Now is the key time to get your company website climbing to the top, targeting those highly-searched keyword search terms, and therefore getting people to call your company first.

If you are not optimising your website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, people are going to start jumping in front of you and could cost your business heavily in the loss of sales.

Pausing your SEO campaign now would be a critical mistake and you could lose your business critical leads and revenue. This is the time to push your SEO campaign even harder so that you are gaining maximum hits and leads from your website once the pandemic is over and you can regain losses for your business.


5. Provide opportunities

We are all in this uncertain period together, why not look at your business model and consider offering special promotions, offers and discounts to keep your revenue flowing. Everyone is looking for a deal now so offer one.

Keep your customers and clients engaged and don’t look like you have just shut your doors without any concern about their custom. There are ways to keep business flowing – don’t give up!  


6. Push with local SEO techniques

As we can’t travel, this is the time to push local (SEO)search engine optimisation for searches “near me”. It is most likely that local people to your business address are most likely to use your service or product first – so use local SEO techniques to ensure your website comes up when people within a certain radius of your business are looking for you. This is also the perfect time to take advantage of the eCommerce surge.

It’s time now to stand out!


7. Pivot your business

Every business is being affected by Coronavirus right now. Think about different things your business could offer online. For example, if you are a gym, why not offer online classes right now? If you are a physiotherapist or osteopath, why not offer different videos online to help people with stretches and exercises that will ease their pain? There are ways for you to still make a living and keep your existing customers!


8. Don’t make any knee-jerk reactions

Try not to make knee-jerk reactions as these don’t always end well in the digital marketing world. People are going to still need your services and support when these tough times are over. Now is the time to push forward in the digital world and look at your digital marketing more than ever!


9. Utilise this down time for your business

Now is the time for you and your team to come together more than ever! Schedule in plenty of team meetings over Microsoft teams or Zoom. These will help with business-critical decisions, ideas, and it is also great for the mind and wellbeing of yourself and your employees.

Use this time wisely – reflect on your business as a whole and make some improvements to the way things work in your company!


If you would like any ideas, IT assistance or digital marketing help during this time, we would be more than happy to help.Get in touch and we can schedule in a call to run through ways to keep your business running during these unprecedented times.

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