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All of us at Fountain Digital would like to wish our newest arrival Karen both massive congratulations and a very warm welcome to the Fountain Digital Family.

Karen joins as our Marketing Manager and brings with her a wealth of experience in this sector having previously been employed by Channel 4 in their advertising department and also having gained a Batchelor of Arts degree in Media and Cultural Studies.

Karen has been with us for a short time now and soon settled into the swing of things, showing us her excellent command of the written language coupled with a willingness and enthusiasm to learn the gamut of skills necessary to become an SEO guru. We are all sure that under Danny's excellent tutalege Karen will be propelling our clients up the Google rankings in no time at all. In fact, she is already helping one particular client do just that, with commendable results.

Whilst coming on board Fountain Digital as an SEO and content specialist Karen was surprised to learn that we also performed IT Support and computer repairs as part of our regular daily services. So, being the inquisitive, helpful person that she is she decided to test Sam and Danny's skills first hand! What better way than pouring a hot cup of coffee over Danny's prized Macbook Pro and then dutifully monitoring the ensuing scenes to check for both a. calmness under pressure and b. ability to deal with coffee granules in a motherboard.

I think Karen was quite impressed with the relative calm that Danny and Sam showed in this situation, after Danny managed to pick himself up from the floor. Also, how Sam managed to systematically dismantle the Macbook and dry each part individually was a sight to behold.

"Top Marks" said Karen the next day. When she realised she still had a job and the colour had returned to her face.

Well done Karen...Neil was very pleased with your ability to think outside the box on this one and create just the right amount of chaos to make Danny think this was a real life situation and not a test. Beautifully disguised.

The 'Kenco Kid' is alright with us!

Read more about Karen HERE

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