October 4, 2018

How do we actually create our logos?

It's more than just pressing a button

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Miss Scarlett logo design sketches

When we get commissioned to create a logo, it's not as simple as just pressing a few buttons and hoping it all comes together. There is a tailored process involved in making the logo unique and exacting to a client's wishes. It all starts with a client being sent our logo design questionnaire. This is a great place for a client to start helping us share in the same vision as them. It asks lots of questions, some obvious and some not so, that begin to define how the logo will form in our minds.

After the initial discussion with the client, and the receipt of the logo design questionnaire, we'll begin. Usually this involves getting out our sketchbooks and roughly drawing different designs and ideas for the new logo. The great advantage of this is that we can quickly determine what works and what doesn't, sometimes it can also naturally take you in directions you never even imagined on starting the project. The beauty of it is that is it fast, if we were to draw everything on a computer straight from the off, then this process would treble the design time, and cost!

As an example project, let's take you through the design process of a new client of ours, Miss Scarlett. The client wanted a logo that effectively illustrated their main product; prom, bridal and occasion wear. The company's owner Hannah, filled in our questionnaire and asked for a simple yet elegant logo that included a splash of the colour scarlet withn it. The process began with Neil drawing some sketches...

Miss Scarlett sketches

It was then on to converting these ideas into a vector format logo, one particular design stood out immediately, so Neil concentrated on this, using it as a base for some different versions, using various typestyles and slight alterations to the compositions...

Miss Scarlett logo variations

After the client had been sent these we waited to hear their thoughts. Fortunately they loved the idea but wanted to see some variations on this theme. With that in mind Neil created the following versions...

Miss Scarlett logo favourites

More amendments and variations were to follow as we continued refining the design to the clients wishes...

Miss Scarlett Logo more variations

Another round of revisions was necessary in honing the final design but we were getting very close...

Miss Scarlett logo more and more variations

Eventually a final design was agreed on, with just the posy being replaced with a scarlet rose. Beautiful.

Final Miss Scarlett logo

Once finalised and approved the logo was delivered to the client in various sizes and file formats so they could do with it as they wished. One purpose will be to create a sign above their new shop and this is where vector graphics shine, the logo will be as sharp on a computer screen as it is when blown up to a large scale sign. Perfect.

We are also creating the website for Miss Scarlett as-well, a real advantage for the customer is that we have the logo on file, in the correct format so that it will look pristine on the web and across all their branding that they may wish to commission us with. Be it print and design, SEO or Social Media Marketing, we've got all bases covered for the them.

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