Be honest now, can vacuum cleaners be 'sexy'?

Website Design

Can vacuum cleaners be 'sexy'? The answer is of course no...or is it. This was the design problem that Neil was confronted with when we were asked to re-vamp the existing website.

Their old site, as you can see below, whilst not having anything fundamentally wrong with it, was, how to say it; a vacuum cleaner site.

Instead of going down the trusted route of loading a site with a volume of text, Neil decided to let the vacuum cleaners speak for themselves with plenty of well taken photographs on smooth, gradient infused backgrounds. The result, we hope you agree, is a well balanced site that doesn't overload the viewer with masses of text but instead breaks the site down into attractive, image dominant sections that are easy on the eye.

The new site went live a few days ago and we think it is a breath of fresh air in an industry that doesn't get much exposure due to it's pre-conceptions of hum drum everyday chore, I mean how can you make a vacuum cleaner site sexy?

The real answer: Yes, Fountain Digital can.

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