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When Danny and Neil first met Frankie on a calm Summer's Day back in 2016 we immediately warmed to him. He took the time to come down to Eastbourne from London to discuss with us his vision for his website re-design. What we learnt on that day was an incredible story of how Frankie himself had battled his own gambling addiction and not only come out the other side but how he had now made it his mission in life to educate, inform, protect and care for anyone who might be tempted to, or going through the same life changing addiction as him.

With these values and born from his experiences Frankie founded Betknowmore UK, a gambling support service, with a mission to provide support
and education services to address the problematic issues caused by gambling.

We can't begin to tell you how proud we all are at Fountain Digital. Not only in helping Betknowmore UK realise their website vision, but also to have met Frankie and helped him by playing a small part in his journey that does so much good for so many people.

Now that's job satisfaction.

Oh yeah, Neil seems to rather like the hamper you sent us too!

Neil enjoying the biscuits

Thanks Frankie.

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