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Neil Newnham

Creative Director

Company Director Neil Newnham is the creative heartbeat of Fountain Digital and has years of experience using Adobe’s Creative Suite of applications, html and css. He is just as comfortable designing a logo as he is designing and developing a website. He adores nothing more than crafting a website from a blank canvas to the shining finished article. His influences are many but never far from his heart is minimalism, clean fresh areas of canvas where less is more.

Neil's favourite applications to use are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, both of which he uses every day in order to produce clients' websites, stationery, graphic design, logos and custom images.

In his spare time Neil loves socialising with friends, watching the latest movies and shows on Netflix, all things Brooklyn Nine Nine, Witcher, DC and Marvel, cooking, as-well as spending quality time with his family, wife and fastly growing young daughter Reya.

Oh, and for his sins, he happens to be a Leeds Utd fan.

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